Implementation of ALE Moving Mesh for Transient Modeling of Nanowire Trajectories Caused by Electrokinetic Forces

S.M. Davison, and K.V. Sharp
Pennsylvania State University

Moving nanowires through microfluidic channels under electrokinetic forces can be a valuable technique to aid in the fabrication of certain devices.

The trajectories of a nanowire under the influence of an externally applied electric field have been modelled through a straight channel, through a converging channel, and around a 90° corner.

In a straight channel, a nanowire initially angled to the horizontal will rotate and translate vertically in an oscillatory pattern. This oscillatory motion is reduced if the nanowire passes through a converging section. The trajectory of a nanowire after it passes through a 90° corner is independent of the initial angle, indicating the potential usefulness of corners in a fluid suspension control system.