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The Model Gallery features COMSOL Multiphysics model files from a wide variety of application areas including the electrical, mechanical, fluid, and chemical disciplines. You can download ready-to-use models and step-by-step instructions for building the model, and use these as a starting point for your own modeling work. Use the Quick Search to find models relevant to your area of expertise, and login or create a COMSOL Access account that is associated with a valid COMSOL license to download the model files.

Tapered Membrane End Load

This example shows a 2D plane stress model of a membrane with a thickness of 0.1 m. The load is a uniformly distributed horizontal load of 10 MN/m (that is, a pressure of 100 MPa) along the right end. At the left end, the membrane is constrained from movement in the x direction. At the left end's midpoint, the membrane is kept fixed. The resulting x-direction stress is compared to a NAFEMS ...

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