Thermal Bridges in Building Construction—EN ISO 10211:2007

Application ID: 5865

The European standard EN ISO 10211:2007 for thermal bridges in building constructions provides four test models—two 2D and two 3D—for validating a numerical method (Ref. 1). If the values obtained by a method conform to the results of all these four cases, the method is classified as a three-dimensional steady-state high precision method.

This document presents COMSOL Multiphysics results for the four cases. COMSOL Multiphysics successfully passes all the test cases described by the standard.

Ref 1. European Committee for Standardization, EN ISO 10211, Thermal bridges in building construction – Heat flows and surface temperatures – Detailed calculations (ISO 10211:2007) , Appendix A, pp. 30–36, 2007.

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