Institute of biomedical research and technology


INBITEC, founded twenty years ago in Berlin-Buch, is a recognized scientific-technical service provider for economy and research. The institute offers research and technology solutions for our scientific and industrial partners and is the first certified Comsol consultant in the Berlin and Brandenburg region.

We support small and medium enterprises (SMEs) during product development processes by performing modeling processes and simulation calculations with Comsol Multiphysics software.

Computer aided modelling can help solving multiphysical problems from the first step of the product development cycle on and is the means of choice for reducing time and cost expenditures during prototyping. Inbitec’s team of highly qualified and experienced physicists, engineers and computer scientists offers its expertise in applying Comsol Multiphysics to support you throughout the process chain of product development and thereby secures you a competitive advantage on the market.

Our service offering includes:
  • COMSOL Coaching and Consulting
  • modelling and simulation calculations, especially in the fields of:

      • Heat and Mass Transfer
      • Fluid Mechanics
      • Chemical Reaction Engineering
      • Electro Mechanics
      • Acoustics, Vibration

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