COMSOL Conference 2012 Call For Papers

Fanny Littmarck | February 7, 2012

We have now officially opened our doors to receive abstracts for paper and poster submissions for this year’s COMSOL Conference. This means that if you are interested in presenting your work in either Boston, Milan, or Bangalore now is the time to submit your abstract.


Phil Kinnane | January 19, 2012

Reading Fanny’s blog post from a couple of days back, I’m also getting excited about the COMSOL Conference. The big news for me is the introduction of Panel Discussions. We’ve noticed that although the User Presentations are interesting, there’s very little time to ask the presenters questions before the next one has to get up there to present. On the other hand, we have all appreciated the Keynote presentations, which are often more general in their content, but also don’t […]


Fanny Littmarck | January 17, 2012

There is a lot of excitement in the office at the moment. In fact, the excitement is beginning to transcend the walls of our building and creep into the discussions in our online communities as well. So what’s causing such a stir?


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