Still some space at the Minicourses – but sign-up quickly

Phil Kinnane October 24, 2011
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The minicourses are always a favorite part of the COMSOL Conferences. They give you a chance to train with COMSOL experts in a wide variety of topics. An introductory minicourse will be held on Wednesday night along with more specific courses concerning particular modules or application areas. These will continue during Thursday and Friday.

Looking at registration page, a number of them still have space available. Nonlinear Structural Analysis and RF & Microwave are filling up quickly. The most popular appear to be Equation Based Modeling, CFD, and AC/DC & Magnetic Modeling.

You can sign up for them online, using the My Conference tool, or you can isgn up in person at the conference.

minicourse quote

If you don’t get to the minicourse that you want, because it clashes with another of interest, then make sure to take your questions to our demo stations. All of the minicourse teachers will also be mingling during the Poster Sessions and coffee breaks, and will be more than willing to answer your questions.



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