Solar Heating in Industrial Scales

Phil Kinnane January 30, 2012
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I’m currently working with images for some marketing material for our Conference. Soon we’ll be sending out the Call for Papers for the 2012 COMSOL Conferences, which will have an image of a solar thermal collector incorporated into it.

Inspiration for the Solar Thermal Collector Model

Actually, the solar thermal collector model was inspired by a customer case story (get the PDF version of the article here). ENEL from Italy had just built the first Concentrating Solar Power plant that uses molten salt to store and transfer the heat, rather than pressurized oil. The outer wall of the tube is used to transfer heat, through radiation, to the inner wall that contains the flowing, molten salt.

By using a molten salt, you can heat the fluid to a higher temperature and therefore increase efficiency when this heat is converted to electricity in a steam turbine. Read the full story here.

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