New Workflow in Version 4.0

Niklas Rom | October 6, 2009

COMSOL Multiphysics version 4.0 is just days away from seeing the light of the day in the shape of a Beta prerelease. We can’t wait to get it out to you. Without telling too much – I don’t want to spoil the fun – you’re in for a nice surprise. Directly when you start COMSOL you’re into the work flow, we call it the COMSOL Desktop. It’s an entirely new user interface with tools that guide you through the steps […]


Niklas Rom | August 13, 2009

Did you know that it is easy to set up certain kinds of inverse problems in COMSOL real quick with the aid of the Global Equations feature? Imagine this: instead of asking “how hot will the house get if I fire the boiler with three logs per hour”, you ask “I want the living room to be 72 °F, how many logs per hour should I feed the boiler with?”.


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