Best Paper Winner – No. 2.

Phil Kinnane October 28, 2011
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COMSOL is an integral part of Oak Ridge’s modeling

The second winner of the Best Paper Award went to David Chandler from the University of Tennessee who, together with colleagues from Oak Ridge National Lab, looked at COMSOL-Based Nuclear Reactor Kinetics Studies.

David actually had quite a trip just to get to the conference. He had to leave Knoxville quite late, and then problems in Washington meant a forced stay-over. Then, when getting to Boston, he had to hunt around just to find accommodation close to the venue.


The High Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR) has been running at Oak Ridge since the sixties, and is still used by hundreds of researchers every year. David’s research looked at the computational ability to accurately predict the dynamic behavior of a nuclear reactor core in response to reactivity-induced perturbations in the HFIR.

Since recently completing his PhD at UTK, David has been offered a position at Oak Ridge. Well done David, and keep using COMSOL


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